Executive Team

Photo of Brickell Bank Chairman & CEO, G. Frederick Reinhardt

G. Frederick Reinhardt

Chairman & CEO

G. Frederick Reinhardt became Chairman & CEO of Brickell Bank, formerly known as Espirito Santo Bank, in July 2015. He led the management team through the rebranding and the Stock Purchase Agreement signed between the bank’s principal shareholder, and members of the Benacerraf family, Cohen family, and other investors in April of 2015.

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Martin Prego Photo

Martin G. Prego, CAMS

Group Chief Compliance Officer

Martin G. Prego was appointed Senior Vice President and Group Chief Compliance Officer in April 2014 and is responsible for managing all aspects of regulatory compliance at Brickell Bank.

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Aydin Koymen photo

Aydin Koymen


Aydin Koymen joined Brickell Bank® in 2013 and was promoted to Treasurer in April 2015. With more than 20 years of bank treasury expertise, Koymen is responsible for the management and oversight of the bank’s liquidity, interest rate risk, investing, and asset/liability management as well as all other day-to-day treasury related activities.
Prior to joining Brickell Bank ® as Assistant Treasure/Director of Asset Liability Management, Treasury, Koymen was the Director of ALM/Assistant Chief Investment Officer, Finance from 2012 at City ...

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