Frequently Asked Questions: Brickell Bank to Merge with Banesco USA

Q: When is the sale expected to be finalized?

The sale is expected to close in mid-summer 2019.

Q: How will business continue in the meantime?

Brickell Bank and its subsidiaries will continue business as usual until the sale is finalized and approved by the regulators.

Q: How long will Brickell Bank operate independently?

Brickell Bank will continue to operate as a separate bank until their banking systems can be converted following regulator approval. Simultaneously to the systems conversion, Brickell Bank will rebrand to Banesco USA.

Q: How and when will information be communicated to Brickell Bank customers?

Banesco USA and Brickell Bank are committed to making sure that Brickell Bank’s customers are kept fully informed of all changes taking place during the merger and operational conversion. Several communication pieces will be mailed to Brickell Bank customers including a Transition Guide that will be mailed close to conversion date detailing how Brickell Bank accounts and services may be affected. All communications are designed to keep you fully informed and prepared as we combine the two organizations.

Q: Will access to Brickell Bank online banking change?

Online banking procedures remain the same until further notice and may be accessed through the website at

Q: Will the branch located at 1395 Brickell Avenue remain open?

Yes, the Brickell Bank Branch will remain open and will be added as part of the Banesco branch network.

Q: Has my username and password for Brickell Bank online banking changed?

No, your username and password for online banking remains the same.

Q: Will my Brickell Bank relationship advisor remain the same?

For the present, your relationship advisor will remain the same, once we have information about how accounts will be signed after the merger you will be the first to know.

Q: Have the email addresses of my Brickell Bank advisors and contacts at the bank and its subsidiaries changed?

Until the merger is approved and finalized the email addresses will remain the same: first initial last For example,

Q: Will my Brickell Bank account numbers change?

This will be determined shortly, and you will be notified accordingly.

Q: Can I use my current check book and deposit tickets that say Brickell Bank?

Yes, you can continue using your current Brickell Bank checks and deposit slips. We will provide you with new checks and deposit slips once we have finalized the conversion

Q: Will I receive a new Brickell Bank Visa Debit Card?

Please continue to use your current Brickell Bank Visa Debit cards. We will contact you in due course to outline the card changeover.

Q: Will I need to select a new PIN for my Brickell Bank Visa Debit Card?

Not at this time, your PIN for your current Visa Debit card remains the same until a new card is issued.

Q: What telephone number do I call to report a Brickell Bank lost or stolen card?

To report a lost or stolen card in the United States please call 1(800) 500-1044. Outside the United States, please call 011-770-209-8700.

Q: Do I need to close my account (s)?

No, you will not need to close your account. During the conversion, your account will be transferred to Banesco USA. We will keep you updated in the event any changes are made to your account

Q: When can I start using Banesco USA’s branches?

Once the conversion is concluded you will be able to enjoy the convenience of utilizing all Banesco Branches located in Coral Gables, Doral, Weston, Hialeah, Aventura and even in San Juan Puerto Rico and our newest one in Brickell. For further information please visit us at

Q: Does Banesco USA have telephone banking?

Yes, you can contact a Client Care Specialist by calling toll free from: USA: 1-888-228-1597, Venezuela: 0-800-122-8226 Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM or You can access your account immediately 24/7 through an automated voice system safe and easy to use.

Q: What is Banesco USA’s routing and transit number?

Banesco’s routing and transit number (ABA) is 067015779

Q: Will I have access to my Brickell Bank Account History?

Yes, Banesco USA will maintain historical information regarding your Brickell Bank Account for the time period required by record retention policy.

Q: When will I receive my last statement from Brickell Bank?

A: Prior to conversion you will receive your last statement from Brickell Bank.

Q: Where are the neighboring Banesco USA branches located?

Banesco has 5 branches located in Coral Gables, Doral, Hialeah, Weston, Aventura and San Juan, Puerto Rico

Q: Who should I call for questions about my Brickell Bank account?

You should contact your current account officer at Brickell Bank.  The main phone number is 305-347-8300.

Q: Who do I call for questions on my account after the conversion date?

Once we have concluded the conversion you can contact Banesco’s Client Care Specialist toll-free from: USA: 1-888-228-1597, Venezuela: 0-800-122-8226 Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM or you can access your account immediately 24/7 through an automated voice system safe and easy to use.