Amendment to Account Terms and Conditions

Our ongoing commitment to bringing you, our client, the best in banking includes added services such as expanded wire transfer options and bank reference letters. These additions, and more, result in amendments to our fees and terms and conditions from time to time. Brickell Bank (the “Bank”) does its best to provide outstanding products and services tailored to your financial life.

Effective May 1, 2018, the Bank will be adding new services and fees to our suite of products and services offered. Therefore the Bank is amending the Fee Schedule applicable to your account. Detailed below, are the new fees that will be charged for services provided along with changes to existing fees for services previously available. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of the Bank’s revised Fee Schedule for your records. This Fee Schedule as it applies to your account(s) with the Bank will replace and supersede all previously published Fee Schedules as provided at account opening or at any other period of revision to our fees.


Bank Reference Letter $15.00 Per Letter
Paper Bank Statement $15.00 Each Statement/Per Month
(No Charge for online banking customers)
American Express Paper Statement $15.00 Per Statement
Return Mail for Visa Debit Cards or
American Express Cards
$40.00 Per Item
Rush Visa Debit Card Order $50.00 (Each courier charge is additional)
ACH Return $25.00 Per Item
IAT (International ACH Transactions) $25.00 Each Incoming Item
Wire Transfer Confirmations $5.00 Each
Wire Transfer Investigations $10.00 Per Item
Wire Service Message $10.00 Each
Account Closure (Closure within
the first 90 days of account being opened)
$100.00 Each Account



Incoming Wire $10.00 (Domestic) and $15.00 (Foreign)
Collection Services – Checks $20.00 Each (Domestic) $40.00 Each (Canada) $50.00 Each (Foreign)
Dormant/Inactive Account $35.00 Each Account/Per Month
Bill Payment $20.00 Each
Foreign Exchange $50.00 Per Transaction


Please contact your Financial Advisor or Priority Client Associate should you require clarification or assistance. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you, and providing you with the support and services that suit your financial needs. Our main telephone number is (305) 347-8300.




Manuel D. Lopez
VP & Head of Service Delivery