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bga-brochure-coverBrickell Global Advisory, Inc. is a Florida registered investment advisor and an affiliate of Brickell Bank. Brickell Global Advisory services its clients with a wide range of banking and wealth management services.

We know that managing an investment portfolio to grow and accumulate wealth over the years requires considerable time and expertise. In today’s challenging investment environment, we have seen an increasing number of investors choosing to delegate the day to day management of their investments to trusted professionals.

When investing, you want to feel confident that your decisions will result in financial security for the future. The strength of the company with which you invest and the range of investment options provided should be considered in your selection. At Brickell Global Advisory, we work together with you to customize a financial strategy, apply the most appropriate product, and provide personalized attention to your needs.


We believe that a disciplined, pragmatic approach to portfolio construction is the cornerstone to the development and management of a diversified investment portfolio.

At Brickell Global Advisory, we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests, which we ensure by aligning our interests with your success. Our commitment is to foster a relationship built on trust and achieved within the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity and security to ensure long-term financial success.


We are committed to our clients. Our professionals are culturally diverse and experienced in international markets. They are focused on providing service characterized by excellence, confidentiality and personalized attention.

We approach the construction of our client’s portfolio allocation in an unbiased manner. Our open architecture platform allows us to select those products that are best suited to meet your investment goals.

Our philosophy is founded upon a systematic, planned approach to the products & services that best address your needs.

We believe a close relationship with you is of the utmost importance in allowing us to both understand and help you realize your goals.

Members of the Brickell Global Advisory team are trained in investment products, with a clear understanding of the global financial markets and regulatory compliance.

Brickell Global Advisory has been created to expand upon the group’s existing product platform by offering discretionary management and investment services that will meet the developing needs of our clients.


Discretionary Management:
Designed for investors who wish to delegate their portfolio management to a dedicated team of professionals.

When choosing to delegate the management of your assets, Brickell Global Advisory offers a discretionary management service, which is a flexible and transparent investment solution provided by a responsible and experienced team of investment professionals.

The discretionary management mandate will free you from making everyday investment decisions while keeping you informed of your portfolio activity with regular portfolio valuations, performance updates and ongoing contact with your Relationship Manager and investment management team. This premium level of service allows you to concentrate on other important aspects of your lives.

Value added: Entrust the management of your assets to experts.
Our Discretionary Management Service presents numerous benefits to our clients:

  • Active Management – We remain focused on the financial markets and portfolios, performing constant risk management and responding to investment opportunities quickly and efficiently.
  • Disciplined Approach – A structured four-step investment process, supported with precise and ongoing risk management is essential to long-term success.
  • Fee Optimization – Target investment options that minimize fees and offer the most attractive cost-to-benefit ratio.
  • Transparency – Clear and straightforward investment process and structure.
  • Open Architecture – Investment selection is neutral, unbiased, and always in your best interest.
  • Enhanced Reporting – Sophisticated reporting and periodic commentary from our Portfolio Management Team allow you to monitor both the performance and investment rationale of your portfolio

We offer four different model portfolios that are designed to meet the needs of investors across the risk spectrum. Additionally, for those clients who require a more customized approach, we are able to offer tailor-made portfolios to meet their specific needs.

Due Diligence:
Designed for investors who wish to leverage the experience of investment professionals in the evaluation of potential investment products or services.

Brickell Global Advisory offers professional due diligence services on various investment products and services designed to allow clients to make more informed investment decisions. Whether you are evaluating the merits of a particular investment or simply would like a second opinion, Brickell Global Advisory can provide unbiased and independent analysis, giving you the peace of mind to invest with confidence.

Portfolio Analysis, Proposals and Recommendation:
Designed for investors who seek independent and unbiased analysis and recommendations of their current investment portfolio.

Brickell Global Advisory offers portfolio analysis services on existing portfolios, regardless of where the assets are held. Brickell Global Advisory’s investment professionals specialize in portfolio construction and analysis and can provide suitable investment advice, proposals, and recommendations based on your individual circumstances.

Investment Approach

Our Investment Process: Gives your money the care it deserves.
Through a consistent, methodical approach, we will work with you to establish realistic goals based on your investment profile. In addition, we will guide you in the selection of a suitable portfolio strategy designed to help you meet your financial goals.

Always acting in your best interest, our team follows a continuous four step process:



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