Dear Clients: You may have received, or will receive a postcard that resembles the one pictured here.  Please note that this is a scam and is not an official mailing from Brickell Bank. Unfortunately, certain information about mortgages is public record and that is how the company that mailed this postcard obtained your contact information. Please note that our policy is, and always has been, that Brickell Bank and our mortgage service provider, does not share or distribute sensitive customer information.

Please note that there is a small disclaimer at the bottom right of the postcard that indicates that the sender is, “not affiliated with, sponsored by, and loan information not provided by Brickell Bank.”  Our security team has checked into this matter and consumers have been reporting receipt of such a notice linked to other institutions and thus we have confirmed that this is a scam.

Please disregard the postcard entirely and of course we welcome your call should you have further questions.

Brickell Bank is committed to providing you, our clients, with the utmost protection possible.

Equifax announces security breach affecting 143 million people

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